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They're Expecting! Jennie + Ben Pregnancy Announcement Photos

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

As a photographer I get to be a part of some really special moments. Recently, I had the honor of taking pregnancy announcement photos for one of my oldest and dearest friends and her husband, who are expecting in January 2021! Like I needed a reason to be any more excited for 2021 (2020, please be over soon).

Jennie and Ben are two of my favorite humans and to say I was excited for this is an understatement. On a misty morning in early July I headed over to their house for a quick backyard session, armed with a mask and a long lens. Jennie and I have been lamenting recently over all the fun we'd be having if we could hug or hang out inside or go to brunch together - and this was such a beautiful way to spend time together. Between the "can you believe you're growing a HUMAN CHILD??" texts and the belly laughs from ten feet away - I think we've made the most of this weird time we're all existing in.

Check out these two(three!) cuties! Bonus: cats and dogs also included.

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